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“You’ll never see haute couture the same way again”

Welcome to this page informing you about the story behind the creation of The Daily Couture made to fulfilled wishes to experience Haute Couture backstage with our “Couture Experiences”.

This year, I am delighted to inform you that The Daily Couture will join the Fashion Revolution Week 2018 because the story behind the specific Couture Tours in Paris wonderfully echoes the motives of the event: highlighting the people who make fashion backstage. As part of the movement, The Daily Couture will highlight the exceptional artisanal expertise of an atelier collaborating with the haute couture fashion houses in Paris. Sounds interesting to you? Stay tuned as future posts will reveal our proposed program, on a first come, first served basis.

Coming back to the story behind this service, organized upon request only, it was created in 2011, after more than a yearlong research about independent artisans of couture in Paris, following my in-depth post written for the then first blog specialized in sustainability in France, That’s how I became increasingly familiar with the peculiar ecosystem of ateliers collaborating with haute couture fashion houses in Paris. And I just loved it! It goes back to that time when it first appeared crystal clear that my interest in fashion was about this behind-the-scenes perspective somehow. At the time, craftsmanship was not as a hot a topic as it is today, so it’s been quite interesting observing the growing movement it is part of: all that is local, slow made, handmade, sustainable, custom made, soulful and made to last while inherently innovative and forward thinking.

Even though, I was – and still am – a fashion contributor to the fashion press, I decided that the sensitive topic about the backstage of haute couture could be better experienced through immersing the public in the ateliers, rather than writing about the topic. Confidentiality clauses between ateliers and their clients make it mostly impossible to write about specific backstage couture stories.

One of my projects is a documentary film dedicated to the peculiar ecosystem of ateliers working for the biggest names of couture and fashion in the world. At this point, a pilot has been completed. The short film won the Heritage Award ex-aequo at the International Film Festival of Fine Crafts in France in 2016.

This project has been – and still is – nurtured in ways direct and indirect, by overlapping editorial missions related Crash, a magazine for fashion and art lovers. The “Couture Experiences” I’ve been creating and organizing even since keeps on greeting a wide range of clients, from private individuals to corporate clients.

Providing The Daily Couture’s participants with a privileged insight into the backstage of haute couture remains a highly rewarding and learning experience for me as well. (Here’s our Guestbook and some of my customer references)

I now feel it’s high time to contribute to rise awareness about the world of ateliers with different kinds of projects somehow all contributing to that same wish.

-Stéphanie Bui



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