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Welcome to this page informing you about my latest project under way: a documentary film and series dedicated to the peculiar ecosystem of ateliers working for the biggest names of couture and fashion in the world. At this point, a pilot of the first part of the long featured film has been completed. Well, a whole new adventure is beginning.

The idea of it started nearly at the same time as The Daily Couture blog was being created a while ago in 2011, when I stumbled onto the topic of master craftsmanship of fashion earlier… It goes back to that time when it first appeared crystal clear to me that my interest in fashion was to be from this behind-the-scenes perspective somehow. At the time, craftsmanship was not as as hot a topic as it is today, so it’s been quite interesting observing the growing movement it is part of : all that is local, slow made, soulful and made to last while inherently innovative and forward thinking.

This project has been – and still is – nurtured in ways direct and indirect, by overlapping editorial missions related to creativity in the fashion, design and art scene for lifestyle and fashion Crash magazine and the “Couture Experiences” I’ve been creating and organizing even since the blog exists. Enabling a wide range of participants from private individuals to corporate clients to get insight into the ecosystem of Haute Couture ateliers was made possible and remains a highly rewarding and learning experience, besides a job to accomplish upon demand. Here’s our Guestbook.

I now feel it’s high time to contribute to raise awareness about the left confidential world of ateliers on a bigger scale with a documentary series on the topic. A production team is now needed to give impetus to the project.

I will keep you posted, so stick around and send me your mail for further notice via a newsletter. Stay tuned!

-Stéphanie Bui


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