Articles for Crash#73

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For the art and style Paris-based magazine, distributed internationally, I wrote two articles focused on craftsmanship of fashion  : the interview with Pascale Mussard, the art director of Petit h, the atelier dedicated to innovation by Hermès and my report on last Barcelona Fashion Week, 080, on the renewal of master craftsmanship in fashion. Last, an interview with Pascaline Willhelm, the fashion director of Première Vision can be read. For the Daily Couture, they can be read below!

Interview with Pascale Mussard, Petit h, Hermès, by Stéphanie Bui, Crash

Report on Barcelona Fashion Week by Stéphanie Bui, Crash

Interview with Pascaline Wilhelm, fashion director of Première Vision, by Stéphanie Bui, Crash


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