The Guy Laroche collection for spring summer 2020 drew warm applause at the Pavillon Vendôme where it welcomed an utmost stylish reinterpretation of the heritage Parisian fashion brand exploring a certain idea of freedom.


Hymn to “the liberated girls and boys” empowered to live their lives far from societal conventions at Guy Laroche. The “Madame C.” collection of Richard René for Guy Laroche refers to the French movie of 1977, Madame Claude, played by Françoise Fabian who embodies the famous director of the call girl agency that made all of Paris quake. Accompanied by pianist Yaron Herman’s original music who especially composed it for the show, the cinematic representation of the cold and sexy beauty is perfectly revisited with clear-cut geometric silhouettes with logo-based patterns. At last, how can we not see the ghostly silhouette of former iconic and beloved actress, Mireille Darc whose image is forever linked to the brand ? Inseparable from the brand, didn’t the popular actress also embody elegance and freedom? Anchored in its heritage that it honors, the spring-summer 2020 collection succeeds in spreading  a fashion statement that fits the exploration of timeless ideals as its common thread: elegance and the demand for freedom for women and men. For the first time, the collection does unveil men’s ready-to-wear silhouettes praising minimalism and comfort. With its roots firmly in the past, the wardrobe succeeds in what is most challenging for any heritage brand: reconciling its legacy and creative vision for today’s fashion that should further evolve with the artistic director that arrived in 2018 in the fashion house.

photos courtesy of Guy Laroche

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