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6 fashion bloggers invited to create the shoe of their dreams? The Daily Couture took a particular notice to this initiative seeing as it way headed by Six London, a design studio creating shoes for fashion brands. With Susie Lau- interested in material, details, fashion, and artisanship- in on the adventure, The Daily Couture couldn’t help but take a closer look at this original collection.

Shoe licensee for brands such as bStore, Swear, Opening Ceremony or Ksubi among others, the maker Six London, created in 2001, boasts Comme des Garçons, Acne, Antonio Berardi, Agent Provocateur, Bernhard Willhelm, Surface 2 Air and Gaspard Yurkievich as clients. This time around, the shoe studio is creating a collection along side a group of influential bloggers. The stipulations are lacking, green light to creativity!

The bloggers are familiar with pre-determined lines- style in regards to a model.  How will they succeed in confronting the reality of creation, above all the process of the fabrication?

Following the group’s trip to a Six London factory in Portugal, Susie Lau of Style Bubble tells how she was “super surprised” by the constant artisanal involvement in the process. She had never before realized the amount of work it would take to fabricate her design, especially when it came to manual labor. Notice the heel and its’ geometric form… this had to be custom made in order achieve such a particular shape. And the possibility of creating this using an easier method? Impossible.

This is also the design that I preferred: above all an object to look at. And a blogger far from playing the role of “designer for a day, designer for ever,” savors the fleeting experience. Above all, it’s fun to anticipate wearing such a very limited edition shoe!

It’s fun – and you can see it in the show! The fluorescent yellow beams rays of happiness from the 80’s onto the white walls of the Joseph Gallery, this adorable corner in the high Marais. What is it about these volumes and lines and these bright shining colors that makes this shoe such a tempting escape from everyday life?

The heel of Susie’s shoe made this model the most complicated to fabricate, explains Ben Semiri, director of Six London, who has been thrilled to see the freshness of this initiative and the publicity garnered by Six London’s collaboration with these successful bloggers.

The recipe was a hit:

–          The influential bloggers: : Alix Bancourt, / Caroline Blomst, / Leandra Medine, / Steve Salter, / Susie Bubble, / Yvan Rodic,

–              A leader in the fabrication of shoes ready to meet the creative challenge : Six London

–              A large online retailer :

–          And a story. It has to do with the number 6, the origin of the name of this collaboration, SIXby6bloggers. Six London has held the number 6 at the center of its enterprise since the beginning, while the 6 bloggers… not so much. There will be no sale of only 6 pairs of shoes, but rather of 20 pairs- to spoil the 20 fans.

In light of its recent success, the operation plans to continue, permitting future creators to realize the work behind the process of fabrication as well.

While waiting, the models will be exclusively available on, a website selling products by more than 90 European and American creators: a great way to see some unique creations!

Available in November on and

Until next time,

Translation by Parker Chambers


SIXby6bloggers, on to look at photos of the project

Post by Susie Lau on her blog

SIX Showroom, the site

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