Rendez-vous Couture

What about getting into the heart of Paris know-how in couture ?!

Experience the world of Parisian artisans and their timeless savoir-faire at the heart of French luxury! For you, we organize the I Love Paris Savoir-Faire bespoke tours with your exclusive encounters with artisans working for the big names of haute couture. Visits to their ateliers will enable you to meet craftswomen and craftsmen we are partnering with, discover their showrooms and training establishments, and experience their passion and dedication.

We are not the only one doing this…

The artisanal world of French haute couture hits the headlines : for the first time ever luxury houses make it possible for the whole public to meet the craftsmen of their house as well, albeit for few days a year.

For now, let’s keep in mind the following events in case you have not heard about them yet.

Attending to a Haute Couture show? It’s possible thanks to designer Franck Sorbier, even though I guess it is too late for the presentations beginning tomorrow. Save the date for the next shows!  To get information, it’s here.

Meeting Hermes artisans? It was possible to meet some of Hermès craftsmen in the Paris boutiques.  The Daily Couture will soon post a reportage on the event. That was great. It was particularly astonishing to see how some of the craftsmen seemed so fulfilled in their activity… If some of you went to the event in Paris or elsewhere, that would be great to have your feedback!

Discovering the artisanal units of  LVMH? Visiting the LVMH craftsmen’s units will be made possible in Paris, Ile-de-France,  Champagne, Poitou-Charentes, in the region of Bordeaux and some European countries on October 15 et 16, 2011. To make sure to go, subscribe to the alert here. You will need to be registered. That will be the first edition event this year, it is to occur once each year now on.

Attending to the Ethical Fashion Show where The Daily Couture will moderate the conference on September 2?  Or meeting us as we will represent the partner craftsmen whose pieces will be exhibited and be on the catwalk? As a fashion professional, you might ask for your pass to attend to our conference on Luxury and Made in France. If not, you might want to visit us anyway at the fair on September 3 and 4. In  all cases, The Daily Couture will attend to the fair for the four days. To get information and pass, it is here.

Last but not least, you might want to keep in touch with us via our new twitter account.  Our facebook fan page will come later. We have so much to do right now before everybody goes on vacation! Let’s keep in touch @thedailycouture, it’s here.

Have a good Haute Couture time !


by Stéphanie Bui

2 thoughts on “Rendez-vous Couture”

  1. Hello Sharon, you are actually coming during the Paris Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week. Craftsmen are usually very busy until the D-Day.

    This post mentions some free events that enable the public to meet craftsmen of luxury. You refer to the huge event initiated by LVMH as part of their communication strategy. Exhibitions around craftsmanship are mushrooming; for our Daily Couture readers, we aim at keeping informing about such events with our twitter news. So, if we hear about more events to come, we’ll mention them.

    As a collective made of partners craftsmen working for Haute Couture and/or Tailor-Made fashion, The Daily Couture do organize such visits, albeit highly limited edition ones, for the craftsmen are highly busy and do not work according to regular schedules, and their focus is not about visits ! – Our visits are not free as the ones organized by the Paris fashion houses. Our approach too differs in that we want visitors to be immersed in the craftsman’s hectic and real schedule – we do not organize exhibitions.

    In case you would like more info regarding our visits, you can have a look at, and rather keep in touch with us by mail or phone, for we organize bespoke visits according to savoir-faire, neighborhood or time available. Have a good trip in Paris! The Daily Couture team.

  2. I will be in Paris this Fall, Sept.25-Oct.9, and would like to visit some couture workrooms or design houses. Do you know if this is possible? We will be gone before Oct.15-16 event. Thanks for any help you can give me. Sharon Perry

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