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On December 1st 2011, in Paris, a round table organized by Club ESSEC Luxe and entitled : « Emerging Brands of luxury: what are the solutions to make them lifelong brands ? » will take place in the one the greatest business schools of Paris, the city where some of the world’s most desirable luxury brands were born. Several experts will discuss the question, and The Daily Couture will be the media partner of the event. Besides December 1st, let’s meet later on The Daily Couture. We will share the issues raised by the speakers and their points of view with you

• Meanwhile, you can read more on the speakers, theme and inscriptions, here (written in French) —Stéphanie Bui.

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    1. Bonjour Nathalie,
      Tout le monde peut s’y rendre, mais le tarif n’est pas le même. Par ailleurs, elle est limitée à 90 personnes.

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