The Haute Couture Weave

haute couture christophe josse, maité tanguy

For the Daily Couture, this video features beautiful eye-catching artisanal gestures filled with a lovely and touching poetry flavor making the practice of master craftsmanship of Haute Couture so awesome and unique.
Maity Tanguy’s love for weaving was what inspired this clip: how dedicated she is to her artisanal art fueling the inspiration of fashion brands, haute couture fashion houses, international textile fairs worldwide as well as art galleries. Maité Tanguy’s highly skilled and inspired handmade weaving is regarded as art indeed. She weaves as she will play a musical instrument. Weaving the fabrics is how she is expressing herself. One can weave fabrics as one can live, she comments.
How to express what I feel when I observe the master craftsmen’s passion at work while creating for Haute Couture or any other custom made pieces? I have been wondering for a while. Making a video would enable to the Daily Couture’s followers to listen to Maité’s own words expressing how she feels about weaving, and convey the beauty of her artisanal practice.
Maité Tanguy, the Woman Who is Weaving the Fabric of Relationship wants to express what master craftsmanship is about no matter what the expertise is. Passion is what keeps the masters to keep on going in spite of the difficulties they are faced with, some of which the Daily Couture’s post does mention at times.
In addition to Maité’s renowned artisanal practice for clients, she has been committing herself for thirty years to transmitting her skills to students of the Atelier of Expression in the city of Vanves, near Paris. Learning how to weave fabrics is made possible in this one of the kind informal training site welcoming students of all ages and skill levels learning it all at their own pace. A peaceful and meditative can-do attitude prevails in the atelier thanks to Maité’s readiness to go for the extra mile and soul fulfilling practice of the art of handmade weaving.

Last but not least, Christophe Josse Haute Couture needs to be mentioned and thanked for opening up some of the behind-the-scenes of its Fall Winter 2013/2014 Haute Couture Collection, and letting us enjoy one of the master craftsmanship work in progress shot by The Daily Couture.

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