Article in Crash#65

stéphanie bui journaliste, crash magazine, gilles lipovetsky

With the publication of the latest sociological study by Gilles Lipovetsky, L’Esthétisation du monde, vivre à l’âge du capitalisme artiste, on artistic capitalism,  a meeting between the author and Frank Perrin, artist and creative director of Crash magazine, was made possible for the Crash magazine issue #65. Both of them share the same obsession with contemporary forms of capitalism whether they call it hypermodernity or postcapitalism. The focus is on capitalism’s significant positive factor indeed : the search for the creative mind in each of us! Still, complexity can’t be denied, that is why you are invited to read this quite long discussion on some new aspects of contemporary capitalism, readily available for the Daily Couture visitors !

Below is the cover of the issue of Crash magazine to be found in major fashion cities in the world!

crash magazine, gilles lipovetsky, stephanie bui journaliste
Crash magazine #65

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