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The annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit, now in its third year, has become one of the must-go events for fashion leaders and other agents of change in the fashion industry to focus on a crucial topic of urgent importance: solutions for sustainable fashion. Created by the forward-thinking Scandinavian countries and supported by the Nordic Fashion Association and the Danish Fashion Institute, the event pointed out to concrete way to make the fashion industry more responsible one year sharp after the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh killing more than 1,100 artisans and injuring 2,500 more. The message is clear: beyond the ethical ethical concern, instituting a more responsible form of fashion provides an opportunity for luxury brands and designers to become more competitive.

Below is my report published in Crash #68:


Sustainable fashion in the business of luxury brands implies questioning manufacturing processes from the yarn to wasting management and how to work with master craftsmen as well, making the movement towards responsible fashion “irreversible” according to Marco Bizzarri, Chairman and CEO of Bottega Veneta, one of the Kering Group’s flagship brands in terms of integrating a successful sustainability strategy into its business model.

It makes the leather brand not only a pioneer in terms of manufacturing process but in terms of communication. Bottega Venata reveals a bit of its business of the trade and showed how questioning its business model got profitable for the company. Is the luxury brand paving the way for heritage luxury brands to renew themselves based on the strategy that innovating by developing a more sustainable and profitable business model is a question of survival for luxury brands?

This is an evolution in terms of business model and a communication challenge indeed for heritage luxury brands rather used to nourishing mystery and the dream they are embody than communicating on their highly confidential manufacturing process that the Daily Couture focusses on by focusing on organizing private haute couture ateliers tours in Paris.

All the issues are to be proclaimed loudly and strongly. This is why my report on the Copenhagen Fashion Summit written for Crash magazine as a contributing fashion editor is shared with the Daily Couture as well.

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